Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove

SKU: 4494

Huntingdon 30 Gas Stove by Stovax

Refined styling and efficient heating technology

The Huntingdon 30 Gas stove is a popular model in the Gazco range. Combined refine styling with efficient heating technology, this gas stove is available with beautiful tracery window that fit right into your home.

Stove colour choices: Matt black, Matt Ivory, Laurel Green, Midnight Blue & Ivory.

Huntingdon 30 – Key Facts
Overall dimensions 560 x 592 x 447mm (w x h x d)*
Fuel bed Coals or Logs
Heat output 1.90 – 3.50kW
Heating efficiency – Conventional Flue 75%
Heating efficiency – Balanced flue 81%
Command controls Manual
Standard upgradable
Programmable upgradable
Suitable for Chimney/Flue Class 1 & 2
Balanced Flue