Log cabin

Are you looking for a log cabin to extend your living space or as a nice addition to your garden? We offers a wide range of log cabins in various styles and sizes, so we’re guaranteed to have something to meet your personal needs and taste!We are a specialist when it comes to bespoke design – anything is possible!

High quality log cabins guaranteed
With a log cabin shed from Lugarde you have a definite quality guarantee. We are market leader in the UK and the Netherlands and, thanks to our extensive dealer and supplier network, we keep on growing. To ensure the quality of our products, we include a lot of extras as standard in our log cabin prices, for example shingles, HR++ double glazing and three-point locking systems.

Top-quality timber log cabins
For our log cabins we use high-quality spruce from northern Europe. Due to the cold climate the trees grow slowly, resulting in the growth rings being close together, which makes the timber more stable and durable. Additionally all our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to a moisture content of approximately 14%–16%. This reduces the shrinkage of the wood tremendously. Furthermore our log cabins, summerhouses and garages all have wind- and water-tight corner joints.